Sitecore Commerce – A to Z

The 4-day course starts with introduction to Sitecore Commerce, covering the anatomy of the platform, what it takes to implement it right and pitfalls to avoid.

You will create a brand-new fully functional Sitecore Commerce website (Storefront), a new Commerce SXA component, extend business tools and commerce engine using plugins/minions.

On the last day of the training, we will delve into advanced topics such as integrations with external systems, using commerce engine service proxy without the SXA storefront (JSS or Bots)

Training Format

  • Hands On

    Delivered by experienced Sitecore Commerce Specialist

  • Advanced Course

    From introduction to advanced features of Sitecore Commerce

  • Do it right

    Covers the anatomy of the platform, what it takes to implement it right and pitfalls to avoid


  • All aspects of the platform

    In-depth learning makes you aware of all aspects of the systems and the best practices to be followed while developing with Sitecore Commerce

  • Create a brand-new fully functional Commerce Website

    Start from the scratch and build a brand new website according to Sitecore recommended best practices

  • Extend Sitecore Commerce

    Sitecore Commerce is built for extension, learn how to extend Front-end, engine and the connect layers

  • Real life examples

    Expert trainers who have implemented real Sitecore Projects and can advice you on all aspects of the solution and will cover advanced topics – such as integrations, JSS, Headless

  • Includes one hour per-trainee on-call consultancy

    We give you time to think about what you leaned. Talk to Assurex’s Commerce expert to clarify any doubts within 30 days of attending the training.

  • Sitecore developers/architects looking to learn Commerce
  • .NET developers/architects with knowledge of .NET core.
  • Business Analysts/Project Managers (Day-1)

Course Overview

Sitecore Commerce Introduction and platform deep dive
  • Commerce Overview
  • Architectural Deep-dive
  • Installing commerce
  • Business Tools
Create and manage a new Commerce Storefront
  • Using SCXA
  • Build Storefront
  • User Management
  • Edit OOB Components
Commerce marketing features
  • Commerce rules, OOB and customisation, work with automation plans
Setting up development environment
  • All about setting up a development environment and testing commerce features
Extending Commerce & Business tools
  • Extend commerce engine to incorporate new features
Advanced topics
  • Commerce Service proxy, headless, JSS etc


  • Instructor Led

    Our classroom based courses are run by experienced Commerce architects.

  • Hands-on implementing real-life scenarios

    Extensive hands-on courses take a leaf out of real life examples, which you might encounter in your projects.

  • Online

    Due to Covid-19 situation, our trainings are now delivered online

  • Our London Office

    Our office is centrally located, near Holborn tube station in London

  • Anywhere across the globe

    We can arrange to get these training delivered in your city across the globe. Please get in touch

  • 4 Days

    On day 1, we are going to cover the OOB features of the platform and is suitable for non-technical people like Business Analysts and Project Managers to understand the platform.

    Please get in touch to discuss one day options for Project Managers and Business Analysts.

  • Student lab guide, to save paper we will handover the lab guide in digital format only
  • Laptops & Virtual Machines

    Bring your own Laptop, VMs will be provided

  • Internet Connectivity

    Client need to ensure high speed internet connectivity when the training is
    delivered out of their location.

  • Meals

    Breakfast and Lunch

  • Refreshments

    Tea, Coffee and snacks

These training courses can be customised to cater to your project specific needs. Please contact us for further information.

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